1. Fusion2.0 "LINNUT PACK" -Boa/ blue Coral
  2. Fusion2.0 "LINNUT PACK" -Mineral Blue/ Pale Kaki
  3. ChampionAir-Golden Road/Black
  4. Aria-Real Teal/Black
  5. ChampionAir Classic Blue/White
    Back in 1977, the Karhu ChampionAir made its debut and stayed as a fixed value until 1984. Forty years later, Karhu brings back the international hit that sold over 1,000,000 pairs globally. When it first launched, the ChampionAir was known for the patented Karhu Air Cushion midsole and the colourful design caught the attention of competitive runners. Learn More
  6. Albatross Black/Black

    Regular Price: $80.00

    Special Price $64.00

    Initial Launch: Circa 1982
    Back in the 1970s Karhu invented the first Air Cushion construction in the world. It stirred the attention and was copied by many prominent shoe companies. One of the most iconic Air Cushion shoes was the Albatross. A lightweight runner which appealed to both men and women. Karhu reaches back in to the archives to launch an exact replica of the iconic model. Learn More

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