1. Fusion 2.0 "Mount Saana 2" Olive Night/Taupe
  2. Fusion 2.0 "Mount Saana 2" Syrah/Friar
  3. Fusion 2.0 "Karhu Tonal Pack" Charcoal Gray/Charcoal Gray
    Subdued hues and a calm look provide the aesthetic for the latest Karhu release. The design team looked to mute the outside noise and bright distractions from the colour palette. Turning to the brand archives, Karhu used a 90s silhouette called the “Trampas Plus” as inspiration. The Trampas Plus came in multiple one-colour, tonal editions like black, grey, and dark green. The catalogue indicated these options as “stylish general purpose shoes” and were part of the walking collection. Learn More
  4. Fusion 2.0 "KARHU OUTDOOR PACK II" Olive Night/Joia
  5. Fusion 2.0 "Helsinki Run Pack" Alluminio/Maison
  6. Fusion 2.0 "Helsinki Run Pack" Alluminio/Larkspur
  7. Fusion 2.0 "Karhu Outdoor Pack" Asphalt/Taupe
  8. Fusion2.0 "MAALISKUU" -White/Foggy Dew/Trekking Green
    Spring comes late to Finland as snow only starts to melt during March. Flowers slowly get the chance to bloom and the green grass begins to emerge from frosted grounds. As the sun beams brightly over the white snow, anticipation for warmth spreads amongst the community. While the rest of the world enjoys spring, Finland has to wait a little longer, but eventually it comes and it starts in “Maaliskuu” or Finnish for the month of March. Learn More
  9. Fusion2.0 "Villapaita"-Peacoat/Aegean Blue

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    The Fusion 2.0 is the first style of the pack to capture the Villapaita theme through the use of subtle hits of purple on the upper and outsole rubber while the other features bright red accents. The hidden “M-logo” ghillie lacing structure gives the silhouette an outdoorsy feel while the overlays create an athletic appearance. Learn More

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