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An ace returns: The Aria is featured in Karhu's new Legend ensemble

The highly anticipated unveiling of the Karhu Aria celebrates 90s footwear technology with style. Originally released 20 years ago as a performance trainer, the Aria debuted when injection molding midsoles was at the forefront of footwear engineering. The advancements in construction allowed EVA midsole shapes to become more complex and aesthetically captivating. For this reason, Karhu brought back the original footwear designer, Soni O'David, to share the initial creation with the modern generation.
In combination with Karhu's Fulcrum technology, the Aria's mono sock construction provided innovations in comfort and function. The Aria is released in its original colorway and marks the first time Karhu has reintroduced a shoe from this era showing a passionate willingness to reinvent the Legend collection. At the same time, the Aria maintains its connection to the history and evolution of the Karhu brand, while keeping its product synced in fashion but not defined by it.